How It Works?

Good Question!

It all starts with you joining our Cash Buyers List. If you have not already, what are you waiting for?

Go on and sign up by punching in your email and cell phone number. Once you have signed up, beginning on Monday mornings and at least 2 additional days per week, we will Email and Text you all of the newest Wholesale Properties for sale in South Florida.

Once you take a look at what we have for sale, if something stands out to you or gets you motivated to where you want to buy it now, then good! That means we are doing our job! On every advertisement, there is a phone number you can call or text message that will connect you to myself, the Company Founder and Manager. You can also email me, live chat instantly, or call me with the click of a button, right from every ad! Soon we will be launching a Smartphone App where you can access our deals 24/7 right from the app!

Let me know what property(s) you are interested in, what questions you have, and how we can be of assistance. If you are interested in seeing a property, then we will provide you a lock box or set an appointment for you to visit the property at a designated time. We do not accept offers from people who have not seen the property, unless you are prepared to make a zero inspection blind offer and put up a deposit, which believe it or not people do sometimes.

Once you go see the property and decide that you want make an offer, call, email, text, or live chat me.

You can verbally tell us what the offer is and any contingencies, and in a short time thereafter, we will let you know if that price will work or present you a counter. There is no need to ever do any paperwork or contracts on your own! All documents that you will be required to sign to purchase a property will be provided by our company, after verbal acceptance and negotiation of your offer.

If everyone is in agreeance and we decide to proceed with the sale, I will get you a purchase contract, addendums, and wire instructions for your escrow deposit. Deposits are held in a regulated trust account at a title company or attorney’s office.

One thing to understand by this part of the transaction is that most all of our deals are sold with zero inspection days on the contract. This means that when you visit the property, you are expected to do your inspection then. All offers need to be without inspection contingency.

Sometimes we can get you 1 to 3 days, but those are in special circumstances. When buying commercial property, the rules are more traditional and inspection periods are granted at length.

After you sign the contract and wire the deposit, everything will be turned over to the title company to handle the closing and transfer of ownership to you. They will contact you to introduce themselves and guide you through the final stages of your purchase and closing.

We will always be here to help you deal with any issues or questions that come up during the closing process. Once everything has been verified, the closing documents are prepared, and title is in place, we will contact you to schedule your closing. Closings can be done in person, by fax, or mail, or email, depending on your circumstances.

Once you are the proud new owner of your investment property, we will be able to assist you in rehabbing, renting, and reselling your property. We also offer property management through my company: I am the Manager, LLC.

Next step, REPEAT. Keep checking out our advertisement emails and texts, and let’s do it again! If you have any questions, please visit the Q & A tab for answers. Thanks for taking the time to learn about how to work with our company., where professional buyers buy.