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Welcome!  We are Florida’s Biggest and Baddest Property Wholesalers. In the Real Estate business since 2006, and having completed hundreds and hundreds of Real Estate sales here at Wholesale Home Sales, LLC, we have created a quality network of seasoned professionals, who are uniquely equipped to provide Cash Buyers and Investors of all kinds Investment Grade Off Market Properties all across the great State of Florida.
We’ve got something for everyone, catering to all price ranges and property types.
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Welcome to our FAQ Page. We designed this page to help answer all your questions and teach you how to properly do business with us. We get a lot of inquiries regarding general practices & procedures. This FAQ page should address all of your questions and concerns. Should your question not be addressed here, please email your inquiry to Rich@WholesaleHomeSales.com


How to View/ Sort/ Filter Our Inventory:

By Using This Link, https://inventory.joinbuyerslist.com/create-a-custom-search you can sort properties by Region, County, Property Type, and Price.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of this search tool!



If you have a general or specific question regarding any property we advertise, including but not limited to Availability, Access, Pictures, etc, please send a text message to 754 200 1204 with your inquiry, and include the full property address. If you prefer email, please email your inquiry to Rich@WholesaleHomeSales.com. Please keep in mind we get dozens of inquiries daily, so please be patient if you do not get a reply instantaneously.


Realtor Commission:

 Yes, we work with Realtors. Maybe 50% of our sales come through Realtors. The Founder of the company is also a Realtor. However, we are wholesalers. We are not traditional listing agents. We do not offer traditional 2% to 3% Commissions like the MLS. If you are a Realtor who wants to sell one of our properties you have 2 choices to get paid

  1. Add your fee on top of our asking price. Very Simple
  2. Make an offer, and request your commission at that time. Be prepared to negotiate your fee. Do not expect just because you asked for 3% you will get it. Keep in mind we are wholesalers. We deal with profit margins, not a set amount of commission paid at the sale price.
  3. Your fee can be paid on or off the HUD. It can be paid directly to you, or it can be paid directly to your broker. The decision is 100% up to you. We use Joint Venture/ Equitable Interest Agreements for all commission paid outside of your brokerage.


Pending on MLS/ Zillow:

A lot of people see a deal we advertise and the first thing they do is look it up on Zillow or the MLS. If you see a deal we advertise pending on Zillow or the MLS, we have the property under contract personally, and as such we have the exclusive rights of purchase or sale during the time period our contract is valid.  We are wholesalers, thus we are looking to sell the property, and or assign the contracts to you for our mutual benefit.

If your Modus Operandi is to call the listing agent and say I see this guy advertising your listing for sale, he is a wholesaler, or asking them why I have it advertised for a different price then the MLS, or otherwise interfere in my legally binding contract, this is unacceptable. By calling the agent, you injure my ability to gain access to the property, negotiate the price further, gain an extension, and purchase the property.

We only work with professionals who understand how the wholesale business model works and abide by our industries code of ethics.


Process to Work with Us:

Once you get our property advertisement and locate a deal you are interested, should you need more information, refer to the Communication Section above.

All offers should be zero inspection. This means that unless you are buying sight unseen based off pictures and videos, you will need to arrange to see the property in person before making the offer.



Access will be by appointment, lock box, or in some cases there is no access and properties are being sold sight unseen, due to lack of cooperating tenants, or having previously used all available showings. See the Communication Section above for more details.


Showing Etiquette:

When an appointment is made for you, here are some pointers on how to conduct business at the appointment:

– Don’t Park in the Driveway.

-Wait in your vehicle until our representative arrives.

– Don’t Knock on the door unless we have instructed you to.

– Do Not Directly Discuss with occupants including owners and tenants, or Comment Audibly on such things such as the sale of the property, the condition of the property, the price.

The purpose of the appointment is to look, and inspect. Please keep all questions and comments until after you have driven away.


Inspections/ Inspection Periods:

Once you make the offer, do not request an additional inspection period.
Please conduct all inspections at the appointment you make/ time you choose to visit the property if on lock box.

Please do not make an offer, or ask for a contract if you need approval from a lender still, approval from a partner, family member, or GC. You MUST complete ALL Due Diligence before making an offer, and be prepared to sign a contract and send a non-refundable deposit the same day. Anyone who asks for a contract and does not perform, will be blacklisted by our company and our hundreds of affiliate wholesalers.

These “zero inspection period” rules only apply to residential property, and small multi family.
For larger land or multi family deals, some inspection period may be able to be negotiated, AFTER, you make the initial visit and your offer is accepted.


Proof of Funds: 

If you are making an offer or inquiry to see a property, regardless if you are getting a hard money or private loan, please be prepared to show a bank statement with enough funds to buy the property cash or cover the down payment and closing costs.



We do not accept bank or traditional mortgage financing.
We only accept Cash Offers, and/ or Offers with No Financing Contingency.
Cash is always preferred!


Should you attempt to get a loan and not be able to close on the closing date in the contract, you will lose your deposit, no questions asked.


Title & Escrow Company:

Seller ALWAYS chooses the Title & Escrow Company. No you can not use yours. They can shadow the closing at best.


Title/ Lien:

We offer clear, marketable, and insurable title on all deals, unless advertised otherwise. If you sign a contract and title and lien search are not clean and clear, you can get your deposit refunded and cancel the contract.

Some of our deals are being sold with code violations, code liens, or open and expired permits. If we know of such issues, we will include it in the advertisement or advise you of such at the time of inquiry. All Code or Lien or Open or Expired Permit issues, will be the buyers responsibility, and all properties are sold As-Is, unless the contract calls for Clear, Marketable, and Insurable Title. All Code, Lien, or Permit Issues that are accepted by the buyer will be disclosed in the purchase agreement, so there will be no surprises.