What is Mentorship by Rich?

What is Mentorship by Rich?

First, we will discover your natural talents and ambitions, while analyzing your current time and financial resources, to then hone in on what niches in the real estate business are best suited for you to get started with.

We will also look at your short terms goals, and your ultimate long term goal for pursuing a Real Estate career, and tailor a strategic step by step plan for how to get you there.

Rich will also use the zoom calls, and 1 on 1 calls, to teach everything you want and need to know about Real Estate, especially the items listed on the,

“What Can Rich Teach You” page.

Knowledge is power, and as such, education will be your key to success in all aspects of your Real Estate endeavor and life.

Rich will be there with you every week, every step of the way, guiding you through the steps on your individual strategic plan, helping you complete deals, helping you solve problems, and making sure you are progressing consistently.

Essentially, you’ve got Rich as your partner.

The truth is being self-employed and becoming successful in any field,especially Real Estate, while taking the necessary steps to make thousands or millions of dollars will take time, patience, hard work, and determination.
If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

Like anything in life where upward progress is being made, there will be set backs and issues to overcome. Don’t worry.

Rich will be there to help you grow your character and toughen up your mind, push you beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone, and force you to reach your potential.

You are here to grow as a person.
That is where financial growth happens, on the other side of personal growth.

Remember this, the game isn’t over until you win!

What does The Mentorship by Rich Academy include?

A Personalized Step by Step Strategic Plan

We will look at your short terms goals, and your ultimate long term goal for pursuing a Real Estate career, as well as your current resources, and tailor a step by step strategic plan for how to get you to your goals.

 This Road Map is not cookie cutter like other mentors.

It will be tailored to you personally.


The Weekly Re-Cap & 1 on 1 Consultation

Set a Virtual Meeting with Rich Any Friday Afternoon.

Use this as an opportunity to go over your week’s progress, problems, and wins.

Plan your next week’s actions and goals.

And get any advice or assistance you need from Rich.


Weekly Zoom Call

Access to Advice on Business, Finances, & Life.
Rich will make himself available for 2 Hours, Every Thursday @5:00PM.

Here all of his students can get together and ask questions, learn from each other, and learn a specific topic Rich will choose.


Access to Rich’s Personal Cell Phone Number

Got a Quick Question, Need Deal Help, Got Problems That Can’t Wait?

Need Help Negotiating, or Selling a Deal?
Text Rich! Get1 on 1 Mentoring in Real Time.


Get All the Documents You Need To Do Deals

Need a Document? Just Ask Rich For It!


Get Access to Rich’s Cash Buyers List

Got a Deal You Need To Sell? Rich Will Sell It For You.


Find Motivated Sellers & Cash Buyers

If you’re Lucky You Might Learn Rich’s Secrets!


Get Access To Rich’s Resources

Lenders, VA’s, Attorneys, Title Companies, Vendors, & More


Daily Deal Emails

Get My Newest Deal Every Weekday

Daily Deal Texts

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Invites to Rich’  Exclusive Networking Events
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