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We sell properties with bad tenants who need to be evicted or are already in the process of being evicted. Sometimes they are cooperative, allowing access to the property, and sometimes you would have to buy the property sight unseen. We have bought properties like this before. It’s always worked out. In one case, we thought we might get a 2 or 3 bedroom, if lucky. We did not know as we were buying it blind because the tenant was not cooperative. It ended up being a 4 bedroom house on the inside, and all the walls including the ones on the inside that are normally drywall, were all concrete. It was literally a solid deal! We got the tenant out in no time, rehabbed, and rented it for about an 18% Gross Return. If you are buying Eviction Properties, I always recommend getting an alarm like ADT that has a contract, but doesn’t require a phone line or internet. The other great option is a Ring.com alarm with no contract that requires internet and is cheaper than ADT. Especially if the tenant leaves belongings in the house or the area is not that great. Vacant Houses, no matter where they are, can attract squatters, thieves, and druggies.

The good part about buying Eviction Properties in Oakland Park is that this is where the good deals are hiding out. If you are willing to take on other people’s problems, like buying Eviction Properties, then you are going to make bigger profits and limit the amount of competition trying to buy the property since all level investors shy away from these, except the smart opportunist kind who know where to find the good deals and motivated sellers, so they can make the big profits. Sometimes, eviction deals have no more risk than any other deal and sometimes they do. There is that old saying: “risk = reward”. Don’t be afraid to buy Eviction Properties in Oakland Park. We have a great lawyer by the name of Carlos M. Amor in Broward County, FL who can handle evictions almost anywhere in Florida.

If the property you are buying has already been through the eviction process and the tenant has vacated, then you just scored yourself a sweet deal without doing the hard work or taking on that issue.

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We sell all different kinds of Eviction Properties in Oakland Park such as Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Private Off Market Sales, Estate Sales, Auction Properties, Short Sales, Full Rehab Properties, and more.

We offer all Eviction Property types including: Single Family, Multi Family, Water Front, Ocean Access, Frame Construction, Code Violations with Fines, 1 Million Dollar Properties and Up, 55+ Communities, Super Cheap Properties, Fire Damaged, and basically when it comes to Eviction Properties in Oakland Park, we’ve got something for everyone!

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