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You found what you are looking for! I am the biggest and best Property Wholesaler in Palm Beach! I’ve successfully sold over 25 million dollars of Real Estate to buyers worldwide. If you are looking to cash in on OFF MARKET Wholesale Properties, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! All you need to do now is Join My Cash Buyers List. By doing so, I will email and text message you our Newest Wholesale Deals every week. If you are wondering how it works and how you get to buy a deal that you see in our advertisements, visit the page on our site called: “How It Works”. Here, you can get the A to Z on buying Wholesale Properties direct from us. In the meantime, let me tell you about the kinds of properties and services we offer in general. Our website home page is full of information too! It will give you the full spectrum of services we offer and advantages you will have over your competition by working with us.


I work directly with investors, making acquisitions by providing you wholesale properties that you can purchase today! I have been transforming this company to adapt to the current market trends in order to provide buyers like you, a consistent flow of properly priced wholesale properties and Off Market Deals that you’ve been hunting!

Buying a quality investment property has never been this easy! At, we understand that finding a good investment property to buy has become much more difficult recently. Prices are going up, Inventory is going down, and there are more buyers and more money in the market now than there are houses to buy. That is why working with a company such as is more important to your success than ever before!

Time is your most valuable asset and I want to help you save more it! (And money as well!) It can take enormous amounts of time and gamesmanship to consistently, or one time, secure a good wholesale deal to purchase. That is why working with my company is so important to your success! We spend all of our time locating the deals and providing them to you, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy or you are responsible for. You no longer need to spend countless hours making offers with your realtor or through the MLS. I make it easy for you by providing people who Join My Cash Buyers List with properties you can buy TODAY!

One thing about our company that you will like and that will prove to be a competitive advantage for you, is that we offer OFF MARKET properties for sale. In other words, properties that are NOT listed to the general public. You have to come to us to get them! This serves you because when properties are listed to the general public, they end up getting bid up in price, which means in a lot of cases, the actual buyer ends up paying more than they should.

We also sell ON MARKET properties that you can find on the MLS listed with a realtor. The catch is that we beat you to the punch on these listed properties. In other words, the realtor can no longer sell you that property anymore because my company already got it under contract first. We will resell you that property for a slight mark up if you are interested in buying it. Again, this benefits you because you do not have to compete with the other 20 investors making an offer to buy that property from the realtor. You can now buy it direct from me and cut out all the competition and bidding wars! Sounds good, right?
So what type of Properties do we Wholesale?? Good Question!

We sell Cash Flowing Rentals and Fix and Flips. You can make an easy 10% or more return on our Cash Flowing Rentals and I have seen investors make as much as 50% return on our Fix and Flips. Sometimes, we even offer land and commercial properties too! Due to the amount of competition and the nature of the wholesaling art, we only sell to cash buyers or buyers who are obtaining private financing. We’ve been known to sell properties within hours or days by texting and emailing them out to clients like you. The good deals don’t last, so you should be prepared to move fast and consistently look out for our advertisements!

People looking to buy Wholesale Properties come to us for many reasons. Time is the main one. Frustration with doing it on their own is next. The awesome deals we have, no one else can’t get anywhere else is at the top of the list too. It takes time to locate good deals and make them yours. What makes my business viable and profitable is that I do all the leg work, relationship building, and marketing for you! When looking for Wholesale Properties, you will realize there is a lot of competition. Actually securing a contract to buy a Wholesale Property can be a daunting and very time consuming task that will try your patience. Lucky for you, we keep a constant inventory of Wholesale Properties you can buy today! You might find working with a company like ours is much easier than working with a traditional realtor, especially when it comes to finding Wholesale Properties you can actually get under contract and close on, without making a million offers and having to compete with professional investors, like me, with the insider’s advantage. People love shopping with us because you can get our deals under contract TODAY and we sell DIRECT from US to YOU. Not only that, but our deals are incredible!

My Company and it’s staff are some of the smartest, most honest, and highly experienced in the business! You can be sure to receive friendly service, straight forward answers, and a personal touch from customer service that big corporations are not known for. I am also the sales manager and a Licensed Agent. I will assist you throughout the entire process; from your first phone call to us, to your first closing! All you need to do to get started is Join Our Cash Buyers List!


Investing in Real Estate at today’s prices is one of the safest and most tried and true ways to build wealth and financial freedom for you and your family. Wholesale Home Sales, LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your investment and lifestyle goals through the acquisition of quality investment properties and sound guidance. We believe Real Estate is the medium by which anyone can become a millionaire or financially independent.

We know from our own experience how challenging life can be and how hard it can be to get ahead in life and save for retirement. Real Estate investing is a very competitive business and it can be hard to break into and/or stay consistently successful. Our Mission is to bridge the gap between your ambitions and the road blocks that you’re facing that are stopping, slowing, or hindering you from reaching your ambitions at the pace and magnitude for which you desire. We are here to help you achieve your success by providing you quality investments that are easy for you to buy and offering honest guidance and fair prices along the way. We want to gain your trust and loyalty so we can do business for years to come. Give us a shot and try someone new! We won’t let you down, I promise!    -Richard Burdette, Founder., where professional buyers buy.