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I am the biggest and best Property Wholesaler in South Florida and I’m a marketing expert as well. I have over 10,000 members in my Cash Buyers List, and through that list and other advertising, I sell millions of dollars of properties a year or a month. If you are marketing a property For Sale, then I can help!

From my days of putting out thousands of bandit signs and driving code enforcement, competition, and the Sheriff nuts, to my days of Mass Direct Mailings, Facebook advertising, Email and Text Marketing, and Online Advertising SEO, I have been able to drive traffic and convert those traffickers into clients who buy property. Now I have amassed a large pool of Cash Buyers who are always buying. In fact, they don’t have enough properties to buy! Every month, I add hundreds of these hungry hippo’s to my Cash Buyers List.

If you have a property for sale and are looking to grow the audience that views your listings, and market directly to Cash Buyers actively looking to buy, then I want you to send me your deals! I will advertise them every week to my database and sell them for you, Fast Cash.

Not only that, but with your permission and partnership, I will even show the properties, negotiate the sale, have a purchase agreement signed, and collect the deposit. All you need to do is send me the details on your listings and I will handle the rest! If you are interested in taking advantage of my years of experience and extensive network of Real Estate professionals and Cash Buyers, please contact me using the “Contact Us Tab”, or by sending your deals to You can also TEXT me on my cell phone to discuss the details and ask your questions. I accept text messages ONLY @ (954) 415-0122.

If you have a moment, visit our Website: and check out all that we have to offer! Stop by the “Q&A” tab to get common questions answered and “How It Works” tab to get the A to Z on buying Wholesale Properties direct from us.

Thanks for your time!

Richard Burdette, Founder

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