Buy Fine Watches

Hi There, My Name is Richard Burdette and I want to let you in on the secret and incredibly exciting world of Watch Trading. A world where you can buy, wear, and invest in the worlds most sought after, limited edition,  hard to find, name brand watches on the planet. 

You may look at watches the way I used to, before I became educated,  as just something you wear to tell time and be stylish. And you would not be wrong, however, there is a whole other aspect to owning and investing in watches that deliver you results? did not know about,…… until now.   

Watch Trading is a Billion Dollar Business a year.  Watch Trading has been a secret  way wealthy people store their money for safety, while at the same time in some cases, make themselves double digit returns or more, through the appreciation of such watches. Not to mention, you get to wear the watches and receive and enjoy ALL  the incredible lifestyle benefits of wearing a beautiful and stylish limited addition time piece will bring your way.  After all, if you could find it in a store or on e-bay or somewhere else at all, let alone at a comparable price, you wouldn’t need me.  

So how am I able to deliver what other’s can’t?  Relationships and know how, and access to a lot of money. So know that we addressed that, let’s talk about Your Watch and Your Investment.

There are  3 main ways I see Watch Trading can enhance your lifestyle, keep your money safe, and deliver you double digit returns on your investment, or more! 


  • Number 1:  Buying a Watch to Wear! Some people honestly do not care about making money with  a watch, hell, some people don’t even mind losing money on a watch. Some people just want the watch because it is beautiful to them, it meets their fashion needs, it is rare or has rare features sure to grab attention and be conversation starters……………….and they can’t find that watch  anywhere else.  Now, watches like these typically don’t lose value. But then again, not everybody is in it to store and grow their money, some people , people like us, just love watches and wearing them.
  • Number 2: Buying a Watch to Wear, Store Money, and maybe make a PROFIT at a later resale date! 
  • Number 3: Buying a Watch for Strictly Investment. I can sum it up like this ( Buy, Vault, Sell, Make Big Profits) 

Other Benefits include:  No Government Regulation, No Paper Trail, and the Ability to Move money around the world. 

If you are interested in buying or sourcing a rare, and/or high quality name brand watch, you will be delighted to know, I can help. Put me to the test with your wish list and watch( pun intended) as I show you what time it is, and deliver you results. Collectively, my partners and I have bought and sold millions of dollars of watches, including some of the most rare and limited editions you can imagine.

To see how we can help source and acquire your next watch