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Private Lending is an exciting and profitable opportunity to earn high-interest returns, make passive income, and keep your money safe!  Unlike most other investments you currently have, with Private Lending your principal is guaranteed, and your payments are made monthly!  It’s truly one of the safest and most risk-free investments you can make.  Private Money Loans are a perfect fit for any diversified investment portfolio. In fact, diversification is one of the most tried and true ways to keep your money safe and growing, no matter what the economy or markets are doing. One of the best parts about Private Lending is it provides the lender with steady cash flow every month, like clockwork.  As you will see, some of you will also qualify for Tax-Free Income!


Inflation is at 8% Plus based on CPI and much higher when compared to Fuel, Food, Rent, and other consumer prices.  The Stock Indexes are in bear markets. Name brand companies are down 30 to 80%. Examples like Nvidia, Shopify, ARKK Funds, and many more.  The Crypto markets have crashed, and lord knows if they will ever recover. Chances are your IRA; 401K are under performing and losing money.

 If you have Life Insurance, you are only getting paid a few percent interest, which means you are losing money based on inflation and the theory that “savers are losers”.

 The banks you are saving your money in are paying you an embarrassing and disrespectful interest rate to keep your money with them. Your bank account is backed, not by real estate, but the full faith and credit of the government, which is backed by the Federal Reserve ( which isn’t Federal and has No Reserves). So, essentially, your money is backed by hope.

You see, your Stocks, IRA, 401K, and Crypto are investments that

  1. Are not backed back a tangible asset, like Real Estate.
  2. The principal amount of money you invested in not guaranteed like a Mortgage/Note.
  3. They do not offer insurance against loss (like Title Insurance or Property Insurance does)
  4. The Returns currently being paid do not beat inflation, so you are losing money.
  5. They are government regulated and likely controlled by companies that don’t have your best interest in mind.

Life Insurance has some benefits, but the downside is you are only getting paid a few percent interest. That’s not good! That means you are losing money because of inflation. The good news is you can borrow against your Life Insurance to earn a respectable rate of return that beats the CPI Inflation Rate of 8% and is 99% Passive Income.

Tax Benefits: There may even be tax benefits as well, or tax free income, depending on your individual situation.

WHO I AM I(Professionally)

My name is Richard Burdette, and since 2006 I have been in the Real Estate business. I started off marketing for a Title Company. Next, I became a licensed mortgage broker, and in my first year I was the #1 broker out of 400 in the company, writing loans for investment properties across the country, generating all my own leads and customers.  I bought my first rental property in 2006. It was 2 story, 5000 Sqft , 4 Plex in Louisiana. From there, beginning in 2008, I started investing in Pre-Foreclosures, and becoming a full-time landlord and real estate wholesaler. Since 2008, that’s all I’ve done. I have completed close to 800 Wholesale Deals, since 2007 I have without lapse consistently been a landlord in Florida for dozens of properties, and I also hold a Real Estate License in the State of Florida. I’ve done Pre-Auction Purchases of Foreclosures and Tax Deeds, Purchased at the Auctions, Bought Notes & Mortgages, Brokered the Purchase of Foreclosure Judgements, Done Subject to Deals, Foreclosure Rescue Deals, Profited from Foreclosure Overages, Quiet Title Deals, and Much More! Folks, I have seen it all and done it all when it comes to the game of residential real estate. Now, you have the opportunity to benefit from my extensive experience, and invest your money with me for a safe, passive, guaranteed return.

WHO AM I (Personally)

My name is Richard Burdette. People call me Rich, or Dick, just depends on how they are feeling that day😊. I was born a Gemini on May 23rd  in Broward General Hospital in Fort. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. My mother’s name was Cathy “CB” Burdette, also known in her earlier years as Mary Catherine, and she was born in Long Island, NY. My father, whom I never met, was an Italian plumber, entrepreneur, and gangster, with a love for muscle cars, partying, nice clothes, women, and fast cash. He died of sorosis of the liver when he was 38, and I was about 9 years old.  I grew up at 2700 Riverside Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065. APT #303B. The center Unit of a 3-story apartment building. My Grandma Katherine “Kippy” Reynolds, was the owner of the 2 Bed/ 2 Bath split floorplan apartment with a nice long porch overlooking the other buildings and the lawn. Growing up, if you looked east on some weekends, you could see big balloons flying in the sky. It was an interesting place to grow up with all walks of life. My mother was told that she could not have children. The doctors told her it was not possible. So, for her whole adult life, being a teen in the 1960’s of hippy love, she never got pregnant. When she was 38 years old, which back in the 80’s was somewhat old to be giving birth, my mother gave birth to me. Some would call it a Miracle!


I am the father of 2 rescue dogs. 1 Dog was left abandoned at a house I sold and was abused badly, and 1 Dog I found on the street in my old neighborhood as a puppy. Both are Pitbull mixes. My hobbies include golf, reading, exercising, yoga, jiujitsu, exotic cars, luxury watches, stocks, snorkeling, firearms, and enjoying time in nature or on boats when I can. I am single, unmarried, and have no children. I am a native Floridian and have never left South Florida. My day-to-day activities include running my businesses, networking, planning, and enjoying my hobbies. That’s me in a nutshell!

I am Florida’s Trusted Source for Safe High Yield Investments, Money Management, & Investment Real Estate!


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